Once upon a time...

It all started with sensitive skin, a love of history, an obsession with botany and gardening; and wanting to share the adventure with everyone.
From farmer's markets to special requests, to babies needing gentle soap, and people wanting it pure... Just Ducky® came to be.
Our products start from the ground up. We grow it, we make it, we soap it. It's all good, clean fun.
Our glycerin based soaps and products are handcrafted with origin pure™ and all natural ingredients.
All of our custom blended natural scents are derived from the purest plant materials.
We grow, harvest, and distill our own oils, aqueous extracts, and herbals at our beautiful location in the St Croix River Valley.
We ethically source our other ingredients from their native locales. 

Dedicated to making real soap with real ingredients.

>>>>-->>>----> People tested <----<<<--<<<<


>>->>>---> Just Ducky® products are NEVER tested on animals <---<<<-<<

A family-owned, family-run business in the St Croix River Valley in NW Wisconsin, Just Ducky® produces the finest handmade luxury personal soap products.
We follow strict procedures for cleanliness, uniformity, and quality in our creation processes.
We adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure each of our products is the best that it can be for you, our customer.
Each bar and product is carefully handcrafted, inspected and packaged. We want your soap experience to be satisfying! Feel free to Contact Us.

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