Fair trade, Origin Pure™ and nature-infused

Just Ducky®

Things We stand for:

  • Supporting people in their quest for the best real soap.

  • WE LOVE DUCKS! Never tested on animals. Cruelty Free.

  • All of our custom blended 100% natural aromas are botanical & plant originated.

  • We grow our own ingredients & support our local farms.

  • Fair trade, sustainable, & ethically sourced worldwide ingredients.

  • Every ingredient we use is pure, natural, and wholesome.

  • For the most sensitive skin types we offer fragrance free in many options, & completely unscented.

  • Zero waste & reduce, reuse, recycle-focused packaging & gift sets.

  • Honoring the high excellence & heritage of hand craft.

  • No artificial fragrances, artificial colors or synthetic ingredients.

  • Sulfate, detergent, & paraben free.


Soap by Design,

Spa by Intention

We are dedicated to making real soap, with real ingredients. We follow strict procedures for cleanliness, uniformity, and quality in our creation processes. We adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure each of our products is the best that it can be for you, our customer. Each bar and product is carefully handcrafted, inspected at all points, and packaged in a sterile manner. We want your soap experience to be satisfying. Feel free to Contact Us.


Our Ingredients 

  • HEALTHY FOR YOUR SKIN Our artisan created soap is Origin Pure™, wholesome, and all natural. We wouldn't have it any other way. All of our soaps are non-comedogenic when used as directed.
  • REAL SAPONIFIED OILS Our soaps are made from palm, sunflower, almond, jojoba, safflower, coconut and other whole oils; with none of the additives, chemicals or synthetic sudsing agents found in other soaps. Our oils are Fair Trade and ethically sourced direct from their origin areas.
  • TRUE MILLED SOAP We hand mill our soap many times until it reaches perfection. Our facial bars can be milled up to seven times! This cottage industry process results in a mild soap of amazing quality, and it is this lengthy hand process we are striving to keep alive for generations to come.
  • HERBALS and EXTRACTS Our aqueous herbal extracts and natural botanical ingredients are carefully inspected, and we follow strict sanitary procedures for producing our ingredients for your skin. We grow many of the botanicals for our oils, aqueous extracts, and herbal inclusions on site at our farm, Origin Pure™, and create them as finished products in our lab, The Compoundery™.
  • NO GUNK Our soap contains NO harsh chemicals, NO artificial dyes, NO parabens, and NO artificial sudsing agents. Please feel free to Contact Us about any ingredients or with any questions.
  • UNSCENTED and FRAGRANCE FREE We offer many varieties of unscented soap, we understand that even natural scents can be irritating for many people. These soaps are made completely separate from all of our other products.
  • PRECAUTIONS As with any skin use product, discontinue use immediately if rash or irritation develops. Seek care from your primary care physician immediately.. While we strive to create the mildest, most hypoallergenic products possible, each individual is unique, and may not be able to use certain ingredients.
  • INGREDIENTS TRANSPARENCY We pledge to always have ingredient transparency for our consumers. Our ingredients are available online, as well as with each and every product. We believe in assisting our customers to achieve their skin health goals.
  • ETC. You may find our bars lasting longer than usual bars soap, and very different from traditional lye, animal fat, or detergent based soaps. To achieve the suds of a good shower gel, simply use our bars with a washcloth, sponge, or bath pouf. Some soap coloration may vary from the pictures shown, this is due to the natural variations in the organic ingredients. Our soap is created in small controlled batches. our soap is heavy oil/ petroleum (mineral oil, etc) free. Our soaps are made to strict standards; please contact us if you are not fully satisfied. Contact Us